Okha FPSO RTM Mooring Wire Rope Changeout

The reconnection wire rope assembly for the Riser Turret Mooring (RTM) of Woodside Energy Limited's (WEL) Okha Floating Production, Storage & Offloading (FPSO) Vessel was recently replaced as it was approaching the end of its working life. Previously the wire rope assembly had been replaced using subsea divers, however, Woodside requested AEC develop a procedure for replacing the 6.7t wire rope without use of divers.

AEC developed a rope replacement procedure based on transferring directly from the RTM to an Anchor Handling Tug (AHT). Throughout the project AEC conducted the following key activities:

• Catenary analysis of the wire assembly spanning between the RTM and the AHT
• Assessment of winch load increases due to friction around bends within the RTM
• Design of structural aids for guiding the wire rope through the RTM
• Condition assessment of the existing wire rope
• Specification of rigging equipment required for the procedure
• Preparation of a procedure document and detailed sequence drawings
• Management of the fabrication of the structural aids and the supply of the rigging and equipment for the procedure
• Project management & site supervision for spooling the wires in Karratha
• Site engineer attendance during the rope replacement on the vessel

The rope was successfully replaced on station in late 2016 using the RTM-AHT procedure.

For more information on the Okha FPSO RTM Mooring Wire Rope Changeout Project please visit our Case Study.

OKHA RTM Wire Rope Change

KGP DOMGAS Flare Tip Replacement

AEC was engaged by Woodside to formulate a new lifting procedure to facilitate the changeout of the flare tips on the Karratha Gas Plant Domgas Emergency flare tower. The flare tower was designed in 1983, however, the original procedures did not meet current Woodside requirements. Additionally, some of the existing padeyes and sheaves were under-capacity and the padeyes had been bent. AEC carried out detailed site inspections in all accessible areas to determine the structure's condition and calculate the weight of the flare tower sections to be lifted. During the site inspection, AEC identified a simpler method for canting the flare riser sections, leading to time savings on site and better control of the lifting operation.

The replacement of the first of the two Domgas Flare tips was successfully completed in late 2016, whilst the second Domgas flare tower has also been laid down for the cyclone season.

For more information on the Woodside KGP Domgas Flare Tip Replacement Project please visit our Case Study.

KGP DOMGAS Flare Changeout

2016 CICA Lift of the Year Awards

AEC returned to the annual Crane Industry Council of Australia's (CICA) conference to present our entry in the 2016 Lift of the Year Awards. Steve Keating presented the Gorgon Marine Loading Arms Project in both the Category A - (Lifts over 130 tonnes capacity) and Innovation categories and in strong fields in both categories received the following awards.

• 2016 Lift of the Year - Judge's High Commendation (Category A – Lifts using cranes with over 130 tonnes capacity)
• 2016 Lift of the Year - People's Choice Award (Category A – Lifts using cranes with over 130 tonnes capacity)

For more information, photos and videos from the CICA Conference and awards visit the conference webpage.

For more information on the Gorgon Gas Project please visit Chevron's Project Information page or visit our Case Study.

2016 CICA Awards

Engineers Australia Includes Nick Birks in Most Innovative Engineers List

AEC's Lead Structural Engineer Nick Birks was recently included on Engineers Australia' s Most Innovative Engineers 2016 List. Nick was nominated for his work on the North Rankin "A" Drill Derrick Deconstruction Project.

Nick earned his nomination for the innovative use of an articulated knuckle boom crane to deconstruct the unreachable upper portions of the Drill Derrick Tower.

For more information on Nick's nomination please visit Engineers Australia's page or read the article published in their magazine.

Nick Birks

Ichthys LNG Project Heavy Platform Lifts

AEC was recently engaged by Laing O' Rourke to assist in the Ichthys LNG Project located at Bladin Point in Darwin. Laing O'Rourke's scope on the Ichthys Project was to install 4-off platforms to the roofs of 4 individual storage tanks.

AEC's initial involvement in the project was to assist in a third party review of a damaged welded connection encountered during the first lift (by others) plus further analysis of the 273t stick-built platform for lifting. AEC provided guidance on platform reinforcement and necessary rigging changes. AEC also provided an onsite technical support role on the Bladin Point site during the successful lift of the LNG platform.

Following AEC's initial successful involvement, Laing O'Rourke requested AEC to perform analysis and verification of the 400t Propane and 365t Butane Platforms as well as the design of the complex rigging arrangements and various custom pieces of rigging gear and lifting beams. AEC was once again on site to provide technical support during these critical lifts as well as providing supervision of the fabrication of the large custom lifting beams.

All of lifts were performed successfully and featured in various client newsletters and articles.

For more information on the Ichthys LNG Project please visit the Inpex Project Information page or visit the LNG World News article.

Ichthys LNG Platform Lifts

AEC Visit Ellenbrook Christian College's STEM Challenge Day

AEC's Lead Structural Engineer Steve Keating was invited to Ellenbrook Christian College's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Challenge Day to assist the Year 7 students. Each team of students was tasked with designing and building a mechanical device capable of performing a virtual organ transplant remotely via a video screen.

Steve provided valuable insight into the design and implementation of the student's ideas and was also on hand to judge each team's entry. 

Ellenbrook Christian College


2015 CICA Lift Of The Year Awards

The Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA), recognises excellence and innovation in the Australian crane industry with the CICA Lift Of The Year Awards presented at the annual CICA conference.

AEC has recently been awarded the following awards by CICA:
- 2015 Lift of the Year Award (Category B – Lifts using cranes with under 130 tonnes capacity)
- 2015 Innovation Award.

For more information and photos from the 2015 CICA Conference in Perth please visit the CICA Conference webpage or visit our Case Study for information on the project.

2015 CICA Lift Of The Year Awards

Gorgon Marine Loading Arm Installation Project

AEC was engaged by KJVG via Camco to perform the full range of feasibility studies, vessel selection, detailed lift planning and detailed design of all rigging and installation aids for the installation of ten Marine Loading Arms (MLA) for the Gorgon Gas Project.

The preliminary engineering phase of the project was executed successfully and within budget, with the client expressing praise for AEC’s work. The detailed design phase was subsequently awarded to AEC and was completed in Q1 2015.

For more information on the Gorgon Gas Project please visit Chevron's Project Information page or visit our Case Study.

Gorgon Marine Loading Arm Installation Project

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