Lifting and Rigging Design

AEC has previously developed Lifting Register databases (in conjunction with Major Asset Operators) that are sophisticated and advanced, yet simple to use and open source.

AEC is an ISO9001-certified specialist Structural & Lifting Engineering Consultancy based in Perth, Western Australia, with extensive experience in the design and management of offshore lifting equipment and planning of offshore lifting operations. Since 1984, AEC’s Lifting Engineers have produced thousands of Lift Plans ranging from small and light lifts in congested FPSO engine rooms to 450-tonne LNG tank platform installation lifts.

AEC Principal Engineers were responsible for the development of lifting & certification standards for major Oil & Gas Operators. AEC engineers have significant offshore & onshore lifting & rigging experience and AEC is considered to be a leader in field of Lifting Engineering.

In addition to designing and populating Lifting Registers, AEC also has experience in performing on- site Lifting Register Audits on various FPSO facilities and onshore supply base facilities, working closely with Riggers, Crane Operators and Lead Service Technicians.

These audits have provided AEC with valuable feedback as to the effectiveness and pitfalls of maintaining Lifting Register systems.

Lift planning is often done in conjunction with the personnel who will undertake the lifting activities thereby ensuring a practical and efficient process.

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