Case Studies

Origami House

Laing O’Rourke

KJVG, Camco

South City Beach Lookout Tower – Remediation

West White Rose CGS – Specialist Heavy Lift Options Assessment

Wattle Grove Shopping Centre

Development and facilitation of various testing methodologies and procedures

Roy Hill Stockpile Tunnel Strengthening

Pole Design and Verification for Telecoms and Other Applications

Pluto Gas Plant – Storage and Unloading Flare Tips Changeout

Pluto Site A Flare Tip Replacement

Pluto ‘A’ – Lifeboat Wet Test Handling System upgrade

Pelican Sand Dredge Barge Winch Rope Investigation

Origami House

Ngujima Yin FPSO Submerged Turret Buoy Protection Frame

North Rankin “A” – Drill Derrick Deconstruction Project

Next Level Ropes Course -Maroochydore

Northern Endeavour FPSO – Assessment & Repair of Corroded Structures

Microsoft Word – Case Study – NE Boom Change

MNY – Offtake Hose Replacement

Havila Harmony –Mezzanine Deck and Reel Frame Design & Installation

Macedon Gas Project Blast Resistant Electrical Buildings

KGP Berth 3 – Propane Marine Loading Arm Refurb Project

KGP LPG Flare Tower Guy Wire Replacement

Karratha Gas Plant – Emergency Domgas Flare Tips Changeout

KGP Marine Berths – Miscellaneous Projects

King Bay Supply Base – NWS Tug Pens Pontoons Removal

Inpex Ichthys Cryogenic Tanks Platform Lifts

Independent Foundation Assessment – Capital Square, Perth

Honeywell PNG LNG MTCS & Local Equipment Rooms

Gorgon Marine Loading Arm Installation Project

FPSO 5.5” Reconnection Wire Rope Replacement

Falling Ice Mitigation Measures for Pluto LNG Plant

Environmental Exposure Testing Frames (FRP Materials)

Karratha Gas Plant – Propane Kettle Liquid Level Measurement Upgrade

Case Study – Cliff Head A Platform Life Extension

Installation of Car Dumping Bins for Roy Hill Project

Cape Lambert Port B Temporary Works

Karratha Gas Plant – Custom Housing for Camera in a Compressor

108 St Georges Terrace Façade Remediation